We create special solutions and opportunities

Value proposal. We are a boutique law firm with an innovative and risk-based approach that is dedicated to solving clients' cross-functional and cross-sectoral problems and helping them realize their opportunities.

Story. LUMILEX was founded because old models and methods of rendering legal services no longer work. Client satisfaction surveys continue to show that in order to render truly quality legal services, lawyers must have a far better understanding of clients' business activities and needs. Based on clients' feedback, they continue to be served with long and complex documents that are hard to understand and do not take into account clients' business interests, needs and goals. Project management, efficiency, proactive approach and transparency are also in need of improvement. We are committed to providing first class service that would meet these expectations.

Business thinking, innovation and synergy. Purely technical approach is insufficient. Both business and law are more cross-functional, cross-sectoral and cross-border than ever before, and innovation in legal services means the ability to connect different perspectives. We have a thorough and wide range of expertise, experience and network of contacts in order to identify opportunities and build bridges across different practice areas, sectors and people and on this basis to create synergies for our clients in transactions, projects as well as disputes. From kick-off to closing.

Risk-based approach, understanding the big picture and providing strategic legal advice. Both in business and law, not all circumstances and details are equally important and practice is as important as theory. Focusing on what is truly important and applying a practical approach is key. We understand this and in providing our services we always take into account the likelihood and implications of the relevant risks involved as well as the big picture.

Timing. We understand how important the right timing is when pursuing goals. We know how to keep the momentum and realize the best possible outcome for our clients.

Winning culture. We like it when our clients win and we push hard to make this happen!

Quality, top-level know-how and experience. We have over twenty years of top-level know-how and experience from the largest law firms in Estonia, as well as from the global and multi-disciplinary Big Four network. We have advised both local and global clients in the largest and most complex transactions and projects in the region. On this basis we have been regularly regarded as leading lawyers by such international legal directories as The Legal 500 and Chambers Europe. We are convinced that an in-depth, diverse and long-term experience is always worth more than the size of a legal team.

Clear and specific. We believe less is more. We try hard to create clear and specific solutions to complex problems.

Personal. We are convinced that good cooperation presumes trust that is based on professional, honest and straightforward correspondence, and that clients appreciate a personal and caring approach. Although our clients are mainly corporations, we always work with specific individuals and, relying on these principles, try to create and maintain excellent relationships based on trust.

Digital and green transformation. We like smart tech and green solutions which enable us to work better, faster and more sustainably, and apply these in our work as much as possible in order to create more value for our clients.

Light. The word „LUM“ in our firm name refers to the word light in Latin and the word „LEX“ refers to law. The combination of these words marks our aim to enlighten and secure our clients' way through an ever complex legal landscape.